Email from mum titled “freaky”

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tha guy on the cliff he just finished highschool and what he did was he threw all his school papers and books over the cliff screaming “take that” personally i think that its really cool because in a way its like hes free. He went through four years of studying,exams,memorizing things that didn’t even matter but now he’s free now he can finally be free and i bet its the best feeling in the world

great, now all the birds and shit gonna be learning human knowledge. get ready for society to be conquered by animals. look outside and a deer is riding a bicycle down the road. stuck in line at the grocery store cause some rabbit is arguing with the clerk about a coupon. fish swims up the toilet while youre droppin a log, asks to borrow some salt. thanks a lot, guy on the cliff

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Comics bud Zac Gorman began putting together a Frasier zine a while ago. Progress is slow-going, but I talked to him and he said it would be cool to share my comic so here you go.

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Dont care what anyone says, this was a fantastic movie back when I was a kid! 

The Pagemaster (1994)

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psa: everyone buy the new la roux album


person: chris watch out! youre about to get your crocs wet!

me: I KNOW! its OK! crocs are made from a foam resin called croslite, which is made out of a polymer called ethylene-vinyl acetate! so theyre completely water proof!

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Chet Faker x GoldLink



There’s plenty more where that came from girls, as word has it Chet Faker could save $100,000,000 for love…

Everyone’s favourite bearded crooner teamed up with buzz rapper GoldLink as part of the awesome Song From Scratch series recently and hot damn… it’s a jam.


"there are two kinds of food as far as I’m concerned: ones with garlic, and ones that will be enhanced by garlic" - mum, 16/07/2014




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